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Dan Williams wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-04-04 at 11:52 -0400, Martin Owens wrote:
>>>  This would be problematic at best, how would NM know the difference?
>>>  The Captive portals work by intercepting all the traffic and in theory
>>>  work transparently.   I am actually setting up one using the Captive
>>>  Portal on Aruba and also testing one Consentry switch right now and I
>>>  couldn't think of an easy way to allow NM to reliably determine if it
>>>  had authenticated to the Captive portal or not.   What about networks
>>>  that require the use of a Proxy?   In those cases the yellow
>>>  connection notification would be incorrect.
>> There are ways of doing it so it's an additive notification, just
>> because a method can not be found at the moment does not mean that the
>> idea it's self is problematic, there is a need to have a greater
>> status of connectivity. But think about this from the users
>> perspective, KISS! Having any sort of information about the state of
>> the network hidden away until you open up firefox and try out a
>> website isn't good.
> -- CUT --
> The big question I have is "What does Vista do?"  Vista has a feature
> where it _does_ show a little globe over the device icon in the system
> tray when it has determined that you are connected to the Internet, and
> not just your local network.  That said, it's pretty flaky and drops out
> quite a bit.

XP does this too, and warns about when an internet connection is
marginal. I'd be really interested to know how it knows (it's typically

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