Re: ppp using NM

On Nov 27, 2007 6:40 PM, vikram b <vikramb11 gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
>       I would like use svn trunk's code to setup ppp connection , lets say
> for dial up (gprs etc).

As Dan already said, I have code to drive gsm data cards and we hope
to get it to SVN later this week, even if it means there's no way to
configure it yet from the UI (the currently missing part).

> Could anybody give me where to start . i mean i couldn't see  things in
> libnm etc.
> nm_ppp_manager_start() is a  func i could see .
> Are we planning to support dbus methods to start/manage pppd connections ?
> (like in nm-vpn-manager.xml:     <method name="Connect"> )
> any plans for same methods for ppp ? or what is the alternate way to do ppp
> connection now ?

No, the ppp manager is internal to NetworkManager and thus isn't going
to be exposed directly over dbus. What exactly do you want to achieve?
NetworkManager provides a way to activate/deactivate devices, just
starting random programs (like pppd) is a side effect :)

Instead, there's a new device type, NMUmtsDevice which can be
activated the same way as other device types (NMManager.ActivateDevice
()). One of it's arguments is a NMConnection object which always
contains a list of NMSetting subclasses, each device type has it's own
required settings. For the NMUmtsDevice, the required settings are
NMSettingPPP (to pass ppp options), NMSettingSerial (to configure the
serial port) and NMSettingUmts (for gsm specific settings like phone
number, APN, username, password, etc). Once the NMUmtsDevice receives
the activation request, it opens and configures the serial port, sends
the required AT commands and starts pppd.


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