Re: ppp using NM

On Nov 28, 2007 7:02 AM, vikram b <vikramb11 gmail com> wrote:
>   Thanks ! Would wait for his resp.  Just a quick question . Are we going to
> have CAPI plugins for pppd in near future ?
>    which is req. for the isdn dialup etc.

I don't know what CAPI is, but the work I've done for gsm card support
is done in a way to support all types of serial devices. There's a
base class NMSerialDevice which should be a suitable base class for
any serial device. Right now, only NMUmtsDevice is derived from it.
There's also a ppp-manager which knows nothing about devices or their
types. So we should have all the pieces to easily add support for any
type of serial devices like cdma, regular land line modems, and isdn


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