Re: How to start and stop NetworkManager?

Hi Alexander, et. al.,

I updated, and it doesn't work as well as my fix did.  I am using an
Intel ipw2200 wireless card.  Now after my first sleep, the wireless
card takes almost 100% of the CPU, the CPU frequency goes to maximum,
and the fan comes on, and the wireless connection doesn't work.  I can't
kill the ipw2200 process either.  

Killing NetworkManager in /etc/acpi/suspend.d/ and
starting it again in /etc/acpi/resume.d/ gets rid of this
problem, but likely I still have the same issues with not connecting to
the correct access point and loosing connections, etc.  I'll be looking
to see what happens.

I hope this feedback helps you guys.  Should I open a bug on Launchpad?


On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 18:01 +0100, Alexander Sack wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 07, 2007 at 04:30:52PM -0800, Rob Frohne wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I am using Ubuntu Gutsy and have discovered that when I suspend my
> > laptop (a Dell D600) I cannot connect to the network after resuming
> > sometimes.  I cannot get it going with an ifup, as it complains that
> There is an update in -proposed that should fix most suspend/resume
> issues in gutsy. Either wait for another week or add proposed to your
> software sources (System -> Administration -> Software Sources ->
> Updates -> Pre-Released updates).
> The package version you are looking for is: 0.6.5-0ubuntu16.7.10.0
> Thanks,
>  - Alexander

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