VPNC - crash

When using Cisco .pcf profiles with no user authentication, only group
based, network-manager is crashing.

Any way to diagnose the issues and post a bug?  Don't know if it is
network-manager or vpnc causing the issue.

Looks like dbus is rejecting the null username:

May  3 09:49:33 greg-laptop NetworkManager: <WARNING>^I
nm_vpn_service_stage3_connect_cb (): (VPN Service
org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.vpnc): could not start the VPN 'Anderon
County Schools'.  dbus says: '(null)'  'Invalid VPN options.'. 
May  3 09:49:33 greg-laptop NetworkManager: <information>^IVPN
Activation (Anderon County Schools) failed. 
May  3 09:49:33 greg-laptop NetworkManager: file nm-vpn-manager.c: line
447 (nm_vpn_manager_vpn_connection_died): assertion failed: (manager)
May  3 09:50:20 greg-laptop kernel: [ 1257.516000] Cisco Systems VPN
Client Version 4.8.00 (0490) kernel module loaded
May  3 09:50:40 greg-laptop kernel: [ 1278.008000] cipsec0: no IPv6
routers present

As you can see, the Cisco client works fine following.  We have several
clients we use no usernames with to log into their networks.  Network
manager dies completely in this instance.



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