NM won't connect to an ordinary AP

	Today I noticed another bug with NM 0.6.5. All I wanted to do
is to connect to an ordinary WEP AP. Nothing special here, but it kept
hanging at dhclient stage. I was surprised to see that setting all the
stuff manually (i.e. essid & wep) and then running dhclient from
command line worked just fine. With NM however, even though I could see
with iwconfig that essid & wep were set correctly, it kept hanging at
aforementioned dhclient stage. 

syslog excerpt is here:

What I also noticed is that although dhclient run manually was
successful, it wouldn't set up the resolv.conf at all. Seems that
dhcp server is buggy or not configures properly; could this be a reason
of such NM behaviour? 

  Dawid Wróbel	

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