Re: talk about going around robinhood's barn...

On 3/14/07, Darren Albers <dalbers gmail com> wrote:
I think we all wish that were the case but with many wireless vendors
being unable/unwilling to support Linux you will find that the drivers
are a mixed bag.

There is current a standard for Wireless devices call the Wireless
Extension (WEXT) and Network-Manager requires that to interface with
the cards so it doesn't have to support all the various ways the cards
expose themselves.

Looking at the Zydas page it looks like it should support WEXT so I am
not sure why it doesn't show up.

Can you post the output of iwconfig and lshal -l?

Ok I recant what I said, the version in Edgy doesn't seem to support
WEXT.  The version in Feisty does however but there is a howto on the
Ubuntu Forums that gives instructions for installing the newer driver
on Edgy:

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