Re: talk about going around robinhood's barn...

<snipping everything as its fairly pointless (no offense)>

The reason that we ask about the chipsets, and your interfaces file, is that each distro handles wireless differently, this includes the way they install and use NetworkManager. Gentoo does patch a little bit to the backend (should probably check that in some time soonish) - however, Ubuntu will *IGNORE* any devices that are *configured* in /etc/network/interfaces so - whether or not they are active, if they are located in the file, simply comment them out.

We can't tell you if $RANDOM_USB_STICK works because we need to know chipsets - some drivers are known to be buggy and may require workarounds that we do not include in NetworkManager, does it work with wpa_supplicant - does it continue to work with wpa_supplicant if you issue a scan every 5-10 seconds... Things like this. Yes, networkmanager can handle multiple wireless cards in a machine, and even multiple wireless *and* a wired interface - although wired will take precedence. You can only have 1 wired or wireless interface active at a time however.

As long as hal can see the interface, and it's driver is exporting the information that NetworkManager needs, then there should be no issues with using the card - UNLESS - it is *configured* in your /etc/network/interfaces file.

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