Re: Problem with NW Manager

Jacob wrote:
On Tue, 23 Jan 2007 03:59:42 -0500, Patton Echols <p echols comcast net> wrote:

This may be a noob question, but I'm, having issues with wireless and
getting NW manager to function.

Computer IBM Thinkpad R40
WiFi Card is IBM a/b/g card w/ Aetheros chipset
I am able to get the card to work on my home network, with WPA
Network Monitor shows active connection.
But Network Manager says no network connection, while the connection is
actually working.  If I only used this machine at home, this would not
be such a problem.  I also can't get a wireless connection to my work
address to connect, even though WPA_Supplicant has the correct info.

Any thoughts on where I could start looking?
Is this a known problem?
NetworkManager-list mailing list
NetworkManager-list gnome org

I had these same symptoms when I still had stuff punched into the file /etc/network/interfaces on Ubuntu. I assume this is the same with you. I recommend you comment out every single line in that file, and restart, and see if that does anything. At that point Network Monitor (GNOME's thing) won't work but Network Manager will.

Jacob, that worked just great, everything seems to be working. The acid test will be if I can take it to my office network with WPA, and to my favorite coffee shop with open network . . . but I've been struggling with this for days and you have no idea how excited I am . . .



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