Re: NM versus wpa_gui

The real question here is about feedback on errors, right now there is
none :-)  Are there any plans to change this? What is the roadmap for the
applet for 0.7 and beyond? 

When the connection dialog pops back up, it could state at the top
"Warning: failed to connect because ... (say, wrong password)". And fill
in the fields as the user entered them previously. Maybe change the
buttons to Cancel/Clear/Reconnect.

On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 14:04:35 +0000, Phil Mayers wrote:
>   1. nm_applet ALWAYS pops up the (massively over-complicated) dialog 
> box asking for the EAP type, username, password etc. UNDERNEATH all the 
> other windows. It then VERY frequently pops the same box back up (again, 
> underneath all the windows) after a few seconds. Then often again, and 
> again - as if it's either not getting or forgetting the info I type in.

Usually, the reason is: wireless driver fails to connect and then NM
(correctly) assumes that something is wrong with your network settings.
In reality, wireless drivers often suck and send disconnects for no
good reason.
Try the svn stable branch, there were some improvements. 

>   2. NM will associate some times, but other times it just seems to get
> stuck in a loop and spin it's cute little icon whilst doing something.
> In every case, if I "service NetworkManger stop" then fire up a
> standalone wpa_supplicant and wpa_gui, I can associate (and run
> dhclient) as stay associated for many hours. The standalone
> wpa_supplicant *is* using the wext driver.

Run "wpa_supplicant -dd". Does it disconnect and retry often? How long
does it take to associate?

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