NM versus wpa_gui


Here at Imperial we've got a large Cisco b/g network with multiple broadcast SSIDs on each AP. I see two problems fairly frequently when using NetworkManager under FC6, which I never see if I use wpa_gui against a standalone minimally-configured wpa_supplicant.

OS is FC6 with current updates, wireless card/driver is madwifi (yes I know it's a rubbish closed driver - but some genius deployed it as standard on our laptops) current from livna RPM repo.

1. nm_applet ALWAYS pops up the (massively over-complicated) dialog box asking for the EAP type, username, password etc. UNDERNEATH all the other windows. It then VERY frequently pops the same box back up (again, underneath all the windows) after a few seconds. Then often again, and again - as if it's either not getting or forgetting the info I type in.

2. NM will associate some times, but other times it just seems to get stuck in a loop and spin it's cute little icon whilst doing something. In every case, if I "service NetworkManger stop" then fire up a standalone wpa_supplicant and wpa_gui, I can associate (and run dhclient) as stay associated for many hours. The standalone wpa_supplicant *is* using the wext driver.

I can see there's not enough info here - what more do I need to gather to troubleshoot this?

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