Re: running gnome applet as stand alone application

> > Just one more question since there are these python versions flying
> > around: it seems to me that these python codes start everything from
> > scratch i.e. the whole communication with NetworkManager. Since we
> > already have nm-applet which is GTK-based, isn't it very simple to
> > write a GTK app based on that?
> Relatively, yes.  In reality though, the old dbus interface was very
> much like a library, so that was also very simple.
> > Am I right in assuming that the only
> > thing one has to do is embed the content of the applet window into a
> > root GTK window and than it will automagically turn into a stand alone
> > GTK app?
> >
> More or less.  The hardest part is figuring out what the structure is
> and what the code does.  With regard to python, there is a higher
> barrier to entry on C Glib programming for python programmers.  A person
> in this position actually has an easier time writing from scratch.

Great, thanks very much for all the very useful feedback.
I'll just try going ahead and simply wrap the applet into a GTK app.
This looks less scary than writing python code from scratch or poking
with other people's python code that is not compatible with the newest
NetworkManager since my knowledge about NetworkManager, dbus and all
those things is non-existent :) But writing some C/GTK code looks


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