Re: running gnome applet as stand alone application

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
Now I have gnome running, just to set things up and I use the
networkmanager applet but eventually I don't want to use gnome (I have
it installed and won't delete it but don't want to run it) but a very
simple window manager only. Is there a way to run the applet without
gnome? All I would like to have is the same window popping up when you
click on the applet in gnome, but now without gnome and without the
applet, just the window.

NetworkManager should show up anywhere where the freedesktop tray spec is implemented. This includes KDE, icewm, xfce, etc. If you want a program that just implements a standalone tray, lookup "stalonetray". But you shouldn't really need it at this point, since pretty much everything will take it.


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