Re: Some comments/questions about 0.7 [was: status of 0.7]

Kay Sievers schrieb:
> On 8/14/07, Michael Biebl <biebl debian org> wrote:
>> Dan Williams schrieb:
>>> On Tue, 2007-08-14 at 01:19 +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:

>>> Shouldn't this be /usr/libexec though?  I thought that's where that sort
>>> of thing went.  Do you think /usr/libexec/nm-dhcp-client.action would be
>>> OK?
>> Yep, $libexecdir would be fine for that case.
> Nope, it should be /usr/lib/NetworkManager/. Libexec is mainly a Red
> Hat construct that disagrees with LSB:
> "Applications may use a single subdirectory under /usr/lib. If an
> application uses a subdirectory, all architecture-dependent data
> exclusively used by the application must be placed within that
> subdirectory."
> So no new stuff should use any libexec thing. It's ok though, as long
> as the libexec dir is configurable, but it will be a pain for addons
> to find out the right place to install stuff.

$libexecdir as defined by autoconf is not necessarily equal to
/usr/libexec. In Debian the policy is, to use $(libdir)/packagename for
Using $libexecdir gives every distro the possibility to choose what they
seems fits best.


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