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(which, really, we need to update our backend... I will be working on
this soon, I swear)

Using r2682, wireless doesn't work at all, the devices show up, however
things are greyed out.  So it does see the devices.  If I pop out a
wireless card (I have about 8-10 cards here that I can test the various
drivers out) I get the following filling up my log (even if I re-insert
the card)

Aug 14 15:10:57 sigma NetworkManager: nm_device_get_state: assertion
`NM_IS_DEVICE (device)' failed

Wired works like a champ though, so that is good, I am just puzzled by
why the wireless is greyed out.  Even if I don't have a wire plugged in
when I start NM, only wireless, it sees the devices, but then nothing.
Attempting to create a wireless network or connect to other wireless
network also seems to do nothing.

Wireless drivers/chipsets tested against:

at76c503a (usb)
rtl8180 (pcmcia)
atheros (
bcm43xx (in-kernel .4 whatever is latest)
orinoco-sn (
p54 (usb - in-kernel mac80211)
bcm43xx (in-kernel mac80211 as well)
ndiswrapper 1.48_rc1 (this is actually a Marvell 88w8335 [Libertas]
card, however, pcmcia so not covered by inkernel libertas :( )
mini-pci orinoco card, as well as a mini-pci atheros card - inkernel for
the mini-pci orinoco and for the mini-pci atheros card.

Any hints?
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