Re: Some comments/questions about 0.7 [was: status of 0.7]

Dan Williams schrieb:

> I've commented out the bits passing -x to dhclient since in my
> experimentation it works OK without it for now.  If we run into the need
> for it, we can re-add it.  I'll poke around and see if I can figure out
> what it actually does.  Please test with your unpatched dhcp3-client and
> see if it's ok.
> r2681

It works fine here with an unpatched dhcp3-client.
I made some basic tests and also modified dhclient.conf, setting
"supersede domain-name" and "prepend domain-name-servers".
The config data seems to be correctly passed to NM and the resulting
/etc/resolv.conf contains the correct values.


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