Re: Dial-up setting for Motorola V360 using EDGE mobile network.

On Sun, 2007-08-05 at 21:13 +0545, Bent Lykkebo wrote:
> Is it possible to use the Network Manager Applet under Ubuntu 7.04 for 
> dial-up to the Internet using a Motorola V360 mobile (EDGE mobile network).
> I have it working using pon/poff and my setting is as shown below. But I 
> cannot find a way to do the setting so that the Network Manager Applet 
> can be used to connect and disconnect the connection, please help.

on ubuntu feisty fawn you can manage your dial-up connections simply
creating an entry for each of them  in /etc/network/interfaces.
The only odd thing is that with the nm included in feisty, dbus doesn't
get notified by nm that a connection is available, so many programs stay
in off-line mode :-|

For the moment i'm using a package i've found on built
for feisty some time ago on a cvs snapshot of the 0.7 version and,
i'm able to manage dial-up connections and even if it's not completely
stable... that's better than nothing ;-)

Roberto Scelzo
Multimedia Center Software S.a.s.
Via Padre M. Kolbe,12 - 80053
Castellammare di Stabia (NA)
tel/fax +39 0818700953

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