Re: Disconnections

This looks like wpa_supplicant is rekeying the connection periodically
and isn't disconnecting at all.  Are you sure NM is disconnecting?
Rekeying every so often is normal in WPA.  Your connection may be a bit
iffy during the rekey phase because I believe the port is locked during
the rekeying, which takes at least a few seconds in marginal network
configurations.  What are the symptoms you're seeing?

21:04:23 - connection made
21:29:36 - rekey


the symptom is I lose all network connectivity, forever.  not just
during the rekey.  Once the rekey/disconnect occurs, I can't use the
network until I manually go to the network manager icon, and select
the same wireless network I was previously attached to, and then it
reconnects (the icon does the spinning balls)


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