Re: One more clue

Alex Lau <alex avengergear com> writes:

> 在 2006-09-07四的 10:29 -0400,Dan Williams写道:
>> > It seems as though the answer must be discernable from all the data
>> > I've provided.  Am I providing too much data about my problem?
>> The only thing I can think of to diagnose this issue is to figure out
>> what NM and wpa_supplicant are doing differently.  And that will
>> require 
> Just a crazy guess from a new on this list unknown person far away, but
> may be the driver doesn't really reset the ssid if they are the same so
> wpa_supplicant just did nothing and NM just spinning. 
> After connection drop with the distance thing try connect to other
> network and just give it a non-exist ssid and connect back to your
> existing ssid / hidden or not and see that will go faster like normal? 

That seems to work --- some of the time.  Just like everything else I
try :(

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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