Re: External scripts/code for NetworkManagerDispatcher collection.

On 10/24/06, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
I think this would be wisest; since there will likely be a bit of API
churn with 0.7 that would break many scripts, and putting them in CVS
(even in a contrib directory) suggests that there is some
maintenance/support expectation.  If we get a good enough collection,
maybe we can put them into the stable branch in the near future.


I just started putting these scripts on my page, but I realized that
maybe might be a better place for them.  I am not 100%
sure exactly what is appropriate to be placed there, since the site
says it is for Gnome Developers to collaborate and not some random
smuck like me to post things on  ;-)

I posted the first couple of scripts here but it can easily be moved
if the consensus is to move it to

Right now registration is disabled since I didn't want to have to
worry about watching for Spammers.   I also chose to just link to the
person's post in the archives rather than repost them.

I have seen a few others floating around and I will go back and find
them over the next week.


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