Re: External scripts/code for NetworkManagerDispatcher collection.

On 10/24/06, Stefan Schmidt <stefan datenfreihafen org> wrote:

As I read about another query how to communicate with nm over dbus I
was reminded an idea I had some time ago.

Collect scripts and programs whcih communicate with nm or
NetworkManagerDispatcher. There are so many cases which we don't like
to handle direct in the nm code, but with external scripts.

- Autolgin in special portal webpages for some hotspot services.
- Change config files based on the current network. (printer,
- Backup if you entered your home network after some days.
- ...

I guess that there are some scripts flying around which could be
helpfull for others. If you have something like this, please post it.

Perhaps we can even put some of them into a contrib dir in nm cvs?
Dan, Robert?

I think this is a good idea, if Dan and Robert would prefer to keep
them out of CVS I would be glad to host them.

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