Re: Problems connecting to wireless network

On 10/3/06, dragoran <drago01 gmail com> wrote:
I have a laptop with a ipw3945 wireless interface card and using FC5
(x86_64) with wpa_supplicant-0.4.8-10.fc5 and NetworkManager-0.6.4-1.fc5.
At work I have to configure this to be able to connect to the wireless
WEP dynamic
and login with my username and password
But using networkmanager (I tryed wpa_enterprise and wpa2_enterprise)
there is no option to select MS-CHAPv2 (wpa_supplicant man page says
that it is supported).
Is this config supported with networkmanager ?
If not can I let networkmanager use a custom config file?
If both does not work/ is not possible, is this support planned for 0.7
(or any later version) ?
Please help my I have been searching in google in the last 2 weeks but
found nothing, thats why I am asking here.

I think Dan and Robert have indicated their desire to support most
common EAP combinations and yours looks to be pretty common judging by
the posts the past couple of days.  So if it doesn't work now the best
bet would be to create a working wpa_supplicant.conf and get your
wireless to come up manually.  Once you get that post your config
(removing all the sensitive parts) to this list and add it to your bug
report so that it can be tracked.

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