Re: NM doesn't recognize my connection!

On 10/5/06, Jeff Schallenberg <schallenberg jeff gmail com> wrote:
Tim Hicks' version of /etc/network/interfaces directly contradicts the
advice in the wiki to comment out or delete everything but:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

So, I am one confused newbie :-(

As it is, I cannot connect wirelessly to any access point. I am writing this
on my laptop with eth0 connected directly to the LAN port of my WRT54g
router. My D-Link DWL-650+ seems not to be working anymore. So, my problems
go WAY beyon getting NM working - I have to get wireless networking working
the way it was before I started futzing around with Network Manager and the
interfaces file. I think I'll start a new thread. Thanks to all for your
attempts to help me!

- Jeff

It looks like there are a ton of different versions of that card so I
am not sure exactly what chipset you are using but can you do a dmesg
and look for any messages related to your wireless card?

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