Re: VPN plugin dependencies

Am Montag, 27. November 2006 16:38 schrieb Dan Williams:

> Note that in the VPN .name files in /etc/NetworkManager/VPN/, we
> specifically made different sections for each particular DE:
> auth-dialog=/usr/libexec/nm-vpnc-auth-dialog
> properties=/usr/lib/libnm-vpnc-properties
> Feel free to define your own section for KDE and put whatever key/value
> pairs the VPN bits in knetworkmanager require into that section.
> NetworkManager does not read these sections, they are there for the VPN
> connection UI bits to use.

I am aware of that section in the .name files. Currently we are using the KDE 
plugin infrastructure and therefor do not need to have an extra KDE section 
in the .name files. Instead each plugin provides its own .desktop file which 
describes what the plugin does and which library is required.


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