Re: VPN plugin dependencies


Am Freitag, 24. November 2006 11:52 schrieb Jakob Petsovits:
> how difficult would it be to remove the dependencies on libgnomeui, bonobo
> and maybe gconf in the vpnc, openvpn and pptp plugins? The reason I'm
> asking is that I'm using Kubuntu with KNetworkManager, and although the
> NetworkManager core is desktop independent, the plugins (which are required
> also for KNetworkManager's VPN support) pull in a big load of GNOME
> libraries which I'd prefer not to install if they are not really necessary.

At the moment this is not possible due to the fact that knetworkmanager uses 
the gnome dialogs provided by the VPN packages.

I'm currently working on a VPN plugin infrastructure for knetworkmanager which 
makes it possible to have own (Qt-/KDE-)dialogs for knetworkmanager. That 
means that the gnome dialogs will no more be used by knetworkmanager (only as 
a fallback solution). The work is almost done and I will get in touch with 
the VPN upstream maintainers shortly.

So watch the networkmanager and knetworkmanager list to get informed about the 
current status.


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