Re: Dynamic WEP support.

On wo, 2006-03-22 at 14:54 -0500, Robert Love wrote:
> If not obvious: Select "Dynamic WEP" as the "Key type" in the WPA
> Enterprise configuration.
> Another question is, if NM detects your Dynamic WEP-based AP, does it
> think it is doing WPA Enterprise?  It should. 

Robert, you rock!
I'll test in about 14 hours and will let you know. I won't expect it to
work completely since you just said in another thread that PAP as
second-stage authentication is not supported, but I expected it to at
least go a bit further in authentication.

BTW: today networkmanager singlehandedly was responsible for converting
3 more people to use linux - have I said already that you rock?
Dennis K.
 - Linux for human beings -
 - Linux voor normale mensen -

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