Great program!

I want to say thanks to everyone involved in Network Manager. This is EXACTLY what I always dreamed about having in my linux laptop. Before Network Manager, I kept several interfaces files under /etc/network/conf, and managed them by creating a symlink from /etc/network to the one I knew I would be using (all this through a shell script). Effective but cumbersome. Now I can move from one place to another, from wired to wireless, and Network Manager handles everything behind the scenes. Really sweet.

Now, a few questions and suggestions:

  1. Sometimes I am asked to open my keyring twice. I don't know if it is because of a timeout or some other reason; this happens even if I only have one WiFi network configured to use WEP.
  2. Even opening the keyring once could be taken as a nuisance. It would be great if I could just configure Network Manager to handle this information automatically (even if it is in the clear, I am the only user of my laptop).
  3. That brings me to the issue of documentation: there isn't any. When I first installed Network Manager my configuration didn't work; I had to dive into the mailing list to find that I needed a very bare-bones interfaces file, otherwise Network Manager would ignore the interfaces.
  4. There is also no easy way to manage all stored configurations. I had to recourse to gconf-editor to delete a WiFi network that I had connected to just as a test but didn't want to keep using by default anymore.
  5. It would also be nice to be able to specify a priority for the configured WiFi networks, so that it picks the one I am interested in by default.

Well, I don't want to seem like I am complaining, because I am not. Network Manager is the best thing to have happened to my laptop since I installed Ubuntu a couple of months ago. Many thanks! Regards,

Gonzalo Diethelm
gonzalo diethelm aditiva com

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