Re: questions

George Whitmore wrote:
No; the network is already set up and works just fine, I'm using it right now. It's when my computer is turned OFF and I turn it ON is when it tries to find my igeorge access point network is where it stumbles, if i reboot and reboot and reboot it finally gives up and connects to my igeorge network. If I leave my laptop on all the time I don't have any problem... AND sometimes it latches on to my igeorge access point network just fine and works the first time ... In some ways it's like arguing with a women, if ya know what I mean...hee hee

What type of card do you have and next time it fails can you look at create a new wireless network and see if WPA is a listed option? I am wondering if something is going on with the card and it is not advertising the NM that it can do WPA everytime.

Also can you run Network-Manager in debug mode and post the output?
This link will give you instructions on doing that:

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