Re: questions

George Whitmore wrote:
However every once in awhile it acts strange, I have to re-boot as many as 5 times before it will "pick" MY access point. It finds the access point at outside local hot spots like a dream, but in my apartment using WPA2 Personal; PSK; TKIP with a 128 bit pass key. It seems like it wants to connect to the outside "hot-spot" connection while I'm trying to connect to MY Access Point. Should I disconnect from the "hot-spot" before logging off? It always happens when I get back to my apartment.

Is there a SSID with the same name as the hotspot near your house? Network-Manager will try and connect to the last network you connected to if it is in range. So if the hotspot had an ssid named linksys and you go home and your neighbor has the same ssid it will prefer your neighbor since it sees that as the last network you connected to. If you manually select your home network it should use that again until you connect to another network.

I suspect that this arrangement is not optimal and will be solved when the work on wireless profiles is completed so then there could be an option to organize network preference but until then this problem will remain.

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