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Ahhh...  So when this happens and you go to create new wireless
network are you able to select WPA then?

On 7/30/06, George Whitmore <george p whitmore gmail com> wrote:
Hi Darren,
The hot spot is "Panera" for Panera Bread, USA; I have used that hot spot
for many years mostly with WinXp till a couple of weeks ago I loaded Ubuntu
 it seems to want to load that when I return home. The hot spot is about 6
miles away from my apartment. Like I said I'm using WPA2 personal. When I
click on 'configure' I get a screen that asks for a SSID and a WEP key, my
network is set to only WPA, so I cancel out. Then re-boot and try it again.
Sometimes the little stairway shows up on the task bar and sometimes NOT, so
in that case I reboot again till the stairway shows up then all is fine. The
program works it just doesn't like my setup I guess. My SSID is igeorge and
the access point is about 12 feet from my laptop. Like I said when I select
my home network it asks for a WEP Key instead of the WPA2 passkey...


On 7/30/06, Darren Albers <dalbers gmail com> wrote:
> George Whitmore wrote:
> > However every once in awhile it acts strange, I have to re-boot as
> > many as 5 times before it will "pick" MY access point. It finds the
> > access point at outside local hot spots like a dream, but in my
> > apartment using WPA2 Personal; PSK; TKIP with a 128 bit pass key. It
> > seems like it wants to connect to the outside "hot-spot" connection
> > while I'm trying to connect to MY Access Point. Should I disconnect
> > from the "hot-spot" before logging off? It always happens when I get
> > back to my apartment.
> Is there a SSID with the same name as the hotspot near your house?
> Network-Manager will try and connect to the last network you connected
> to if it is in range.  So if the hotspot had an ssid named linksys and
> you go home and your neighbor has the same ssid it will prefer your
> neighbor since it sees that as the last network you connected to.
> If you manually select your home network it should use that again until
> you connect to another network.
> I suspect that this arrangement is not optimal and will be solved when
> the work on wireless profiles is completed so then there could be an
> option to organize network preference but until then this problem will
> remain.
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