Re: network switching issue

On Dec 15, I posted an email concerning a situation where an erratic
split display screen is produced when NetworkManager switches between my
home wireless network and the wired one at work. This situation is
exclusive to NetworkManager on what is otherwise a very stable laptop.
There was no response on the list.

In the mailing list archives, there was a similar previous request from
someone else. It also went unanswered.

I'm just curious about the apparent lack of interest in this issue since
it does render the computer unusable unless X is restarted or the
computer rebooted. Was there too little info? Was the question
considered not credible or due to some bleedingly obvious user error? 

I am not a computer programmer or professional, but a reasonably
competent user with 6 or 7 years of experience of using Linux as my
primary OS. If the question is inappropriate for this list for whatever
reason, let me know and I'll move on. Thanks in advance for your

- Mitch Smith

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