Re: network switching issue

On Sunday 15 January 2006 15:29, Mitch Smith wrote:
> On Dec 15, I posted an email concerning a situation where an erratic
> split display screen is produced when NetworkManager switches between my
> home wireless network and the wired one at work. This situation is
> exclusive to NetworkManager on what is otherwise a very stable laptop.
> There was no response on the list.

Just a punt, but what's the output of 'hostname' in the two network 
environments?  X doesn't like the host name changing while it's running.  I 
am not enough of an X expert to say if this could cause your symptoms, but it 
might be worth excluding this first.

Regarding the lack of response to your issue, I'd guess that people on the 
list are split between being well informed but too busy to handle BRs that 
aren't obvious, and not feeling responsible for triaging user problems.

HTH anyway


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