Re: Re: Use NetworkManager to connect with a Vodafone Connect Card

> sorry, but I wasn't use linux with pppd and I don't know how can I do
> this?
> use a UP and DOWN button is too easy .. ehehehh
> what script I put and whereto put NM use my card?

Hi there,
this is very much dependent on your distribution.
NM uses various backends for the various distros and tries to use
whatever their distributions use natively.

For instance, on debianesque systems you should be able to connect
through NM if you've configured your system so that you're also able to
connect using "ifup ppp0".

Thus you will need to consult your distro's documentation.

However, I was trying to do just that recently and have not been able to
use NM even if ifup ppp0 on the command line works and NM apparently
does the same thing ... dunno why.

I'd love to hear success stories about dial-up connections, esp. around
BT and GPRS.



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