Re: network switching issue

On Sun, 15 Jan 2006, Mitch Smith wrote:
> On Dec 15, I posted an email concerning a situation where an erratic
> split display screen is produced when NetworkManager switches between my
> home wireless network and the wired one at work. This situation is
> exclusive to NetworkManager on what is otherwise a very stable laptop.
> There was no response on the list.

This is completely mystifying, since NM doesn't touch the display screen at all, 
nor does it touch X...  I've never seen anything like this.  The most likely 
explanation that I can think of is that your hardware or drivers are odd, 
possibly that there are bugs in the kernel drivers for your hardware that stomp 
on X memory during certain operations...  What are the specifics on your laptop?  
Perhaps the output of 'lspci' from a terminal would shed some light on that.  I 
can't think of a technical reason beyond that which would cause X to have 
graphical glitches.


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