Re: Feature Requests

On Fri, 2006-12-15 at 12:02 -0700, David R Mulligan wrote:
> Some of these requests may be misplaced.  Where would I send requests
> for the pptp plugin?
> 1) My pptp vpn connection times out.  This is unfortunate but it
> happens.  When it does happen the nm-applet icon does not change and
> network-manager thinks it is still connected.  When the pptp vpn
> connection is disconnected I think that nm should reflect this.

Hmmm.  Seems that the pptp vpn plugin isn't sending the correct messages
back to NM that it's been disconnected.  Can you get any logs for this
behavior?  Is pppd and/or anything with 'pptp' in it still running?  Can
you check /var/log/messages for NM output on this subject?

> 2) My Dell D600's uses Fn-f2 to disable the radio.  It would be nice if
> that also showed in the left click menu by unchecking the Enable
> Wireless option.

Not sure what you mean here in the second sentence.  But when rfkill
capability becomes standardized in the kernel (quite soon), NM will
definitely support that.

> 3) Connection Information often fails with the error message "Error
> displaying connection information: Could not find some required
> resources (the glade file)!"

Can you check that you have installed the NetworkManager applet
correctly?  What version of NetworkManager are you using, and what
distribution?  There are a few more things we can check here once we
know that to narrow down the issue.

> 4) If I click on my active wired network menu item it will reconnect. It
> would be nice if the vpn connections could do that too. It would also be
> nice if the other vpn connections in the connection list would allow me
> to switch without disconnecting. What I really mean is that if I click
> on another one then it should disconnect and connect to the newly chosen
> one.

Yep.  This functionality was actually removed because of issues in the
NetworkManager VPN handling code.  That issue will need to be revisited
to fix this, but we should support VPN connections in the same way as
wireless networks are supported, you're right.

> 5) Connection Information only displays information on the ethernet or
> wireless connection. It should also show information on the vpn
> connection too.


> 6) It would be nice if the nm-applet icon changed somehow when the
> wireless radio is disabled.

Right; though that may depend on the aforementioned rfkill handling.

> 7) If 0.7 of NM will be supporting multiple connections nm-applet will
> need to be able to show the status of multiple connections... 

Probably.  For the start, we will likely only show the "default" device,
which in multiple-interface land would mean the device which has the
default route and through which packets would go if no other routing
rule matched.


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