Re: Feature Requests

On Sun, 2006-17-12 at 11:15 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-12-15 at 12:02 -0700, David R Mulligan wrote:
> > Some of these requests may be misplaced.  Where would I send requests
> > for the pptp plugin?
> > 
> > 1) My pptp vpn connection times out.  This is unfortunate but it
> > happens.  When it does happen the nm-applet icon does not change and
> > network-manager thinks it is still connected.  When the pptp vpn
> > connection is disconnected I think that nm should reflect this.
> Hmmm.  Seems that the pptp vpn plugin isn't sending the correct messages
> back to NM that it's been disconnected.  Can you get any logs for this
> behavior?  Is pppd and/or anything with 'pptp' in it still running?  Can
> you check /var/log/messages for NM output on this subject?

This is all I get:

Dec 15 20:59:13 bordet pppd[5343]: Modem hangup
Dec 15 20:59:13 bordet pppd[5343]: Connect time 719.1 minutes.
Dec 15 20:59:13 bordet pppd[5343]: Sent 17175969 bytes, received
112846675 bytes.
Dec 15 20:59:13 bordet pppd[5343]: Connection terminated.
Dec 15 20:59:13 bordet pppd[5343]: Exit.

No network manager output at all.

> > 2) My Dell D600's uses Fn-f2 to disable the radio.  It would be nice if
> > that also showed in the left click menu by unchecking the Enable
> > Wireless option.
> Not sure what you mean here in the second sentence.  But when rfkill
> capability becomes standardized in the kernel (quite soon), NM will
> definitely support that.

You answered my question without understanding it :)

> > 3) Connection Information often fails with the error message "Error
> > displaying connection information: Could not find some required
> > resources (the glade file)!"
> Can you check that you have installed the NetworkManager applet
> correctly?  What version of NetworkManager are you using, and what
> distribution?  There are a few more things we can check here once we
> know that to narrow down the issue.

I am using Ubuntu Edge Eft and I installed it via the synaptic package
manager from the network-manager-gnome package.  Normally the connection
information does work.  However after some
connects/disconnects/reconnects (vpn? wireless?) it will give me the
above message.

> > 4) If I click on my active wired network menu item it will reconnect. It
> > would be nice if the vpn connections could do that too. It would also be
> > nice if the other vpn connections in the connection list would allow me
> > to switch without disconnecting. What I really mean is that if I click
> > on another one then it should disconnect and connect to the newly chosen
> > one.
> Yep.  This functionality was actually removed because of issues in the
> NetworkManager VPN handling code.  That issue will need to be revisited
> to fix this, but we should support VPN connections in the same way as
> wireless networks are supported, you're right.
> > 5) Connection Information only displays information on the ethernet or
> > wireless connection. It should also show information on the vpn
> > connection too.
> Right.
> > 6) It would be nice if the nm-applet icon changed somehow when the
> > wireless radio is disabled.
> Right; though that may depend on the aforementioned rfkill handling.
> > 7) If 0.7 of NM will be supporting multiple connections nm-applet will
> > need to be able to show the status of multiple connections... 
> Probably.  For the start, we will likely only show the "default" device,
> which in multiple-interface land would mean the device which has the
> default route and through which packets would go if no other routing
> rule matched.
> dan

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