Re: knetworkmanager on gentoo

John Eckhart wrote:
Looks like the ebuild under gentopia is missing the gnome USE check for configure, try using the ebuild attached here instead.

Copy it back into the gentopia directory: /usr/portage/local/layman/gentopia/net-misc/networkmanager/networkmanager- 0.6.4-r1.ebuild Rebuild the digest: ebuild /usr/portage/local/layman/gentopia/net-misc/networkmanager/networkmanager-0.6.4-r1.ebuild digest
emerge -va networkmanager
Thanks John, that did it.

I tried all the versions of NM in portage, as mentioned by Steev, but they all wanted to bring in the entire gnome desktop.

After following your instructions above everything built fine, only bringing in two gnome modules:

I did some preliminary testing and it seems to work but I'm dealing with some configuration issues.

I'm testing it on a laptop that needs to use a static IP at one location and sometimes use a VZACCESS PC5740 (Qualcom PC card) to access the Verizon EVDO network, besides WPA wireless and regular dhcp on a vanilla Ethernet. That should be fun. I'm sure I'll be posting a new thread about those. If you have any knowledge in this area I would appreciate some tips. I have had all this working on the laptop using a custom /etc/conf.d/net, but now I hope to make it work with NM.

Thanks again,

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