Re: knetworkmanager on gentoo

Dan Williams wrote:
On Mon, 2006-12-11 at 23:03 -0500, Rod wrote:
Has anyone successfully compiled net-misc/networkmanager on gentoo for KDE using kde-misc/knetworkmanager?

I'm using the gentopia overlay and am trying to compile net-misc/networkmanager-0.6.4-r1.

I get the following error:
"checking for GLADE... configure: error: Package requirements (libglade-2.0) were not met"

Do you have the glade pkgconfig file
at /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libglade-2.0.pc ?  You'll likely need to install
libglade headers and development libraries if you haven't already.


I appreciate your reply. I realize that maybe this is the wrong forum to be asking this question since it is really a gentoo/KDE specific question, but I can't find the answer elsewhere. I was hoping that someone could point me to the proper links if they exist.

In a follow-up to the above post I sent the following:

I installed gnome-base/libglade and then networkmanager needed gnome-base/gnome-keyring.
Following this path brings in most of gnome.

Am I trying to travel down a road that has not been plowed yet?

If I emerge gnome-keyring, then networkmanager wants libpanelapplet-2.0, which brings in the gnome desktop.

I expected the combination of kde-misc/knetworkmanager and net-misc/networkmanager to use some gnome-specific libs but not bring in the entire desktop. Is this a gentoo/portage issue?

Again, am I trying to travel down a road that has not been plowed yet?


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