Re: knetworkmanager on gentoo

On 12/12/06, Rod <rod erinktech fuse net> wrote:

I expected the combination of kde-misc/knetworkmanager and
net-misc/networkmanager to use some gnome-specific libs but not bring in
the entire desktop. Is this a gentoo/portage issue?

Again, am I trying to travel down a road that has not been plowed yet?


I am not a Gentoo user but it does sound like a portage issue.   In
other distro's Network-Manager has been divided into the core system
(called Network-Manager in Debian) and the front-end (called
Network-Manager-Gnome and KNetworkManager/network-manager-KDE in
Debian).   It sounds like whoever maintains that "package" (Sorry
don't know the proper Gentoo term) has created one monolithic package
rather than breaking it out so that KDE users can get the core without
the Gnome dependencies.

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