Re: Problem with ubuntu 6.0 and networkmanager gnome

On 12/7/06, Fernando <sparafucile gmail com> wrote:

Till now it me was working without problems but today it does not connect me
to my wireless network, well, it is for wpa, detects the network to me asks
me for the key of access to the network and remains " waiting for password
of network for the wireless network " I Have unistall and turned to
installing, checked the file interfaces and only I have it activates "lo"
since before If I deactivate wpa works ok without protection.

Just to make sure I understand, after you enter the key it asks for it
again?  Is this your wpa preshared key or the password to unlock the
keyring?   Can you post a link to screenshot of what you are seeing
(Not the image itself so a lot of people don't get an attachment
clogging their inbox)?

Also a couple of other questions:
1) can you post the relevant entries from /var/log/syslog from when
you try and connect?  Make sure you edit out your key information.
2) What wireless card do you have and what driver are you using?
3) Can you connect via wpa_supplicant manually?
4) Have you tried deleting the old wireless network entries from
gconf?  For instructions see here:

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