Re: Can we make NM automatically handle the need for proxy arp?

On 8/27/06, Darren Albers <dalbers gmail com> wrote:
On 8/27/06, Ted Lemon <mellon fugue com> wrote:
> So you configured a valid default route on Windows, and it used a
> different route instead?   Or you configured an invalid default route
> and it didn't use it?   I'm a bit puzzled by this paragraph, because
> my experience is that Windows isn't quite as brain-dead as you're
> suggesting here.

Correct, I configured a valid route and when I did a arp -a I saw the
ip for a device on my other test network associated with the mac of
the router.

My apologies it looks like you are right, I replaced my Linksys
running dd-wrt with some no name 5 year old piece of crap on wednesday
when my linksys died and it looks like it is causing that behavior.  I
sniffed the traffic and it looks like the noname router picked up the
information from the Cisco router and told my box to send traffic

So maybe Windows isn't brain dead and it is just my router  ;-)

I have a new linksys sitting here and when my wife goes to bed I will
swap it out and see if the behavior is correct.

So the real question is (and off topic for this list since it isn't NM
that is causing this) should linux networking treat a bad default
gateway as no gateway and use proxy-arp?

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