Re: Does anyone understand NetworkManager?

Chris Baldwin <chrismbaldwin earthlink net> writes:

>>> Any document on setting up wpa_supplicant would work for this; just
>>> remember to stop NetworkManager first.  I don't have any links offhand,
>>> but the package for wpa_supplicant should include a sample config file
>>> that may get you started.
>> There's none in evidence.  Will look around for a HOWTO.
> This might help...

Thanks, but AFAICT

a. that's for NetworkManager, not plain wpa_supplicant, which is what
   we're after.

b. It's mostly about installing NetworkManager, which I already have
c. It's almost entirely obsoleted by the fact that Dapper includes a
   network-manager package that you install with apt-get install

unless I missed something in there...?

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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