Re: Problems with NM with new router

I received my new router today, and with NM 0.5.1, it still will not
connect up to the new router.  Works fine with Windows...  Any other
ideas on what the problem may be?

Shawn C Baker wrote:
Thanks for the link! I will check it out later this evening. Too bad I won't be able to test it with my new router as it has been RMA. It went into an
infinite reboot cycle, and would only get our of it if I hard reset it.

Darren Albers wrote:
For Breeezy use the Network Manager packages from here:

That should bring you up to .5.1.

When you go to Dapper it will include .6.2

On 4/17/06, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
Updating to 0.5.x or higher would be better, since those versions use
the standard ISC dhclient for DHCP stuff.  However, under ubuntu they
are a bit harder to set up since you may/may not need patched versions
of some of these programs.  They are available in some external
repository for Ubuntu...  Any Ubuntu people have a Wiki somewhere with
easy instructions?

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