no password gnome-keyring tip (OT)

Sorry for the slightly off topic post, but there is no gnome-keyring
mailing list right?

I'm trying to pare down the number of passwords it takes to get my
laptop into a fully functional state. I currently have to enter 6
password prompts before I'm ready to start working.
1. password for disk encryption
2. gdm login/password
3. ssh-add
4. gnome-keyring for wpa
5. firefox keymanager
6. samba mounts

Well i figured out how to get gnome-keyring to unlock automaticly on
login without having to upgrade pam.
Get pam_keyring-0.0.7.tar.gz,
install the rpm or compile it. Really you only need pam-keyring-tool,
the rest didn't compile for me because ubuntu dapper has pam .7

tar zxvf pam_keyring-0.0.7.tar.gz
cd pam_keyring-0.0.7
make pam-keyring-tool
cp pam-keyring-tool ~/bin/

then make a script like this
echo mypassword | pam-keyring-tool -u -s

put that in your "sessions"
Startup Programs tab
enter the script you just made

Logout, log back in, one less password prompt.

I don't store anything but my wpa key in my gnome-keyring and i don't
use the password for gnome-keychain anywhere else so i'm not worried
about having the password for the keyring on disk.

Eli Criffield

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