Re: Does NM start named?

Matthew Saltzman wrote:
>>> somewhere?   Try deleting everything in /var/lib/dhcp and trying
> I don't have an FC4 client, but isn't that /var/lib/dhclient?  It is in
> FC5.

In FC4 the directory seems to be 'dhcp' as said before. I get this from
looking at 'rpm -ql dhclient'.

> Is named in fact being started on boot?  "chkconfig named --list"

I'd rather not run named locally if I can get the name server data

Here's how I understand it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

If named is started on boot, then NetworkManager starts managing it via
dbus. Otherwise, it should try getting the name server from DHCP and
install its IP address in resolv.conf.

When I connect to my home network without local named, an entry appears
in /etc/resolv.conf, pointing to the local name server that resides on
the ADSL modem.

The net at work behaved the same way before, but not now.


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