Re: Does NM start named?

Matthew Saltzman wrote:
> In Fedora, you start named at boot, but to get it to talk to NM, you
> need to connect it to dbus.  Add to /etc/sysconfig/named the line

This is OK.

> Also, do not install the bind-chroot package, but do install the
> caching-nameserver package.
This is OK too.

> You say "since a few days."  What happened to chnage things?

I can pinpoint the time when the problems started. It seems that a
number of things went out of sync, and I'm still trying to figure out which.

A while ago we had a power dip at work that killed the default DHCP
server. A temporary DHCP was quickly set up. As soon as the temporary
server started working, I could not obtain the name server address anymore.

The default DHCP server has since been restored, but the problem
remained. My admin says that my computer keeps requesting an IP number
from the temporary DHCP server, which is for some reason still online.


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