Re: Latest Ndiswrapper

On Fri, 2006-04-07 at 09:10 -0400, Joseph Harnish wrote:
> I have rolled back to the latest packages from updates rather than my
> builds.  
> I also upgraded ndiswrapper to 1.13rc2 which fixes a bug that I thought
> was fixed in wpa_supplicant but it was actually an ndiswrapper thing.
> That was connecting (using wpa_supplicant) to a non encrypted AP.  
> The other issue that I think was causing some of my inconsistencies was
> when I would connect to a WPA-PSK AP that only support TKIP I need to
> specifically pick TKIP.  Automatic doesn't seem to work in this case.  

If it doesn't work for some cases like WEP that are pretty simple, debug
logs from NM and wpa_supplicant are useful...  Grab the output
of /var/log/messages or run NM as root with "--no-daemon".


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