Re: Further question on LEAP handling

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 09:33 -0500, akonstam trinity edu wrote:
> > > 2. Our general access to the Internet at Trinity is to access points on
> > > out Windows network. That involves designating the use of LEAP
> > > authentication and logging in with ones username and passwd on the
> > > Windows system. The ipw2200 card can do that and does that under
> > > Windows , Can the same thing be done under Linux?
> > > Is this a place where ndiswrapper would allow me to use the Windows
> > > driver to do this? Or is there another way to do this using
> > > NetworkManager?
> > 
> > Unfortunately, NM does not support this authentication method yet.
> > There is work happening for LEAP though, and it should appear soon.
> > 
> My labtop double boots with Win XP and Fedora. The Windows driver
> that I have on a CD does the LEAP authentication . Is is possible to
> use this  Windows program through nidiswrapper to allow this LEAP
> authentication in Fedora? If so is there a site that explains how?

No, we need to get both NM and the driver you're using to support LEAP
on the Linux side.  It's not extremely hard, just takes a bunch of code
and debugging of the driver.  Does ndiswrapper support LEAP already?


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