Re: Issue with Network Manager on Ubuntu Breezy on PPC

On Sat, 10 Sep 2005, Venkat Raghavan wrote:

> Issue #1: I have to start nm-applet as root, otherwise it will not start. 

The applet must be started as your normal user, otherwise you will run into 
problem #2 here.  The keyring is user-specific and probably won't accept a write 
from a process with a different UID than the keyring daemon's...  Why can't you 
run it as your normal user?

What do you get when running the applet as your user with:

/usr/bin/nm-applet --sm-disable

It might be a dbus policy issue, you have to restart the dbus daemon after 
installing the applet for the first time.

> Issue #2: nm-applet does not save the WEP key entered. Error message displayed in terminal is 

See above, directly caused by running the applet as root.


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