Issue with Network Manager on Ubuntu Breezy on PPC

Hi again,

I forgot to include the message when I run nm-applet as a normal user.
(I compiled with the latest cvs to verify, still the same errors)

** (process:5076): WARNING **: uid mismatch: 0, should be 1000
** (process:5076): WARNING **: uid mismatch: 0, should be 1000
(Process 5076 belongs to /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon)

** (nm-applet:24670): WARNING **: <WARNING>   (): nmwa_dbus_init() could
not acquire its service.  dbus_bus_acquire_service() says: 'Connection
":1.26" is not allowed to own the service
"org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerInfo" due to security policies in  the
configuration file'

(This second error message keeps repeating indefinetly)

Further, I am unable to kill the nm-applet, it just relaunches with a
new pid.


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